target practice anywhere
on the green


THe Best Drill for 6-footers

Orange - beginner
green - intermediate
blue - professional

NeuraPutt is the ideal training aid for all skill levels


neuraputt Outdoor model


neuraputt indoor Model

track your improvement
The Calibration card

Hit 10 consecutive putts.

Check two boxes for each putt:

(1) check for firm or weak pace.
(1) check which upright or perfect aim.

Add up the checkmarks in each column for statistics. Convert the totals into a percentage by multiplying 10%.

Over time you'll know whether you tend to push or pull the ball, leave it short or hit it too firm.

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Golfers are loving Neuraputt

It's a great opportunity for people to work on the most important part of their game

Maurice Allen | World Long Drive Champion

I love the design of it!

Clay Myer | PGA Professional

It’s great for me because of how much concentration is required to consistently roll the ball through the gates. A short focused putting practice always trumps a long unfocused one.

Joe H. | Professional Golfer

The blue bumpers are a pain in the a** but that's what I like about it!

David B. | Golf Blogger

Great device for narrowing your line and creating a consistent stroke. Using this will help you gain confidence. I’ve improved putts of all lengths. Give it a try!

Scott D. | Teaching Pro

Putting game strong thanks to NeuraPutt.


It's in the man cave, I work with it every day.

Terrance S. | Amateur

I've been using mine at home in the basement and it's definitely helping.

Mark H. | Amateur

Still using it. Keep one in my truck and one in the bedroom. Love it.

John W. | Scratch Golfer

Use it, love it!

Paula P. | Amateur