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3 Sets of Foam Bumpers Allow You to adjust the size of the cup

make the target more challenging with larger bumpers to reduce the size of the opening

NeuraPutt is the ideal training aid for all skill levels


neuraputt Outdoor model


neuraputt indoor Model

Instinctively aim true center

True Center is the bullseye of every putt. Training that's repetitions of perfect putts results in precise aim for hitting target lines on the course.   

uncanny sense of proper pace

Muscle memory and sense of direction must be trained simultaneously. Otherwise, when faced with a pressure putt, a golfer will get tight and lose form.

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golfers are loving neuraputt

More Testimonials

It’s great for me because of how much concentration is required to consistently roll the ball through the gates. A short focused putting practice always trumps a long unfocused one.

Joe H., Professional Golfer

I would definitely treat it like a precision piece of equipment.

Henry B., Amateur Golfer

Great device for narrowing your line and creating a consistent stroke. Using this will help you gain confidence. I’ve improved putts of all lengths. Give it a try!

Scott D., Teaching Pro