About the Inventor

Meet Alan Johnson, African American Amateur Champion Golfer and Inventor of NeuraPutt Aim and Pace Trainer. Alan’s journey from 8-year-old junior golfer to having Golf Digest proclaim his invention, NeuraPutt, as “the epitome of target practice” has been an uphill battle. The passion and talent for the game of golf runs in Alan’s family, his Grandfather, PGA Teaching Pro Sie Willis Jr., taught and mentored Alan on the public golf courses of Detroit, Michigan. Inevitably, Alan hit all the checkmarks of a golfing prodigy from junior golf all through high school which led to being offered multiple golf scholarships to university's local and abroad.

After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Alan was able to intern with Golfweek Magazine and the PGA Tour. It was when his grandfather tragically passed away from a heart attack while pulling into his home course parking lot, Alan lost all motivation for the game of golf. 

After some time away from the game, Alan completed an apprenticeship to become a Millwright Engineer for the nation’s leading car manufacturer. But golf had never really left Alan’s blood, mind or heart.

In 2005, the Big 3 Auto Companies were going bankrupt and resorted to offering early retirement packages. Alan jumped on this opportunity to go back to school and quite naturally, join a golf team.  

Over the next 4 years he sharpened his teeth on collegiate golf and then upon graduation earned a Single Season Pro-Level Sponsorship to play on Florida's mini-tour scene. But victory was elusive for Alan, and he returned home to his career. He reinstated his Amateur Status and remained competitive. In no time, he began stacking wins, both locally and nationally. Most notably the Detroit Amateur Open (2016 and 2018) and capturing the First Flight spot on the 2021 US Amateur Golf Team. He's slated to play in the 0.0-4.9Hcp Division of the World Amateur Golf Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

It's every golfer's eternal quest to improve the weakest link in their game and for Alan, that was putting. The necessity to become consistent from short range drove Alan to embark on a trial-and-error journey that would lead to the creation of the first aim and pace training aid. He managed to balance his new career, develop his golf game and not only patent the Neuraputt, but also bring it to the marketplace. 

It was then at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show where NeuraPutt really created a buzz and captured the attention of many industry leaders - including Golf Digest. 

Golf Digest, the industry titan, awarded NeuraPutt 3rd on the List of THE BEST NEW GOLF TRAINING AIDS OF 2020. It didn’t stop there, immediately following the success from the PGA Show Alan Johnson took Neuraputt to the Las Vegas casting call of ABC’s Shark Tank. Almost immediately he was called back by producers and invited to advance to the next round towards appearance on the show.

COVID19 derailed the momentum but positive consumer feedback for Neuraputt continues to pile up. Golfers around the world rave about the training aid and word is organically spreading to not just casual golfers but students, junior golfers and golf coaches. With hopes of eventually creating jobs, Alan has completed the long journey of being able to proudly move all production and manufacturing of NeuraPutt to the U.S.