A golfer can only see the target during setup. During the actual stroke, their eyes stay down and locked on the golf ball. That is why the accuracy of a shot, especially when putting, depends on remembering the target.

Trying to locate a specific blade of grass or discoloration on the green is unreliable and does not provide a sense of direction. Practice with NeuraPutt using target coordinates to the cup, such as "18 inches past" or "5 inches right," is less confusing and optimizes innate spatial awareness.* NeuraPutt's orange, green, and blue bumpers are designed to stand out in a player's mind, creating a point of reference to visualize as a bullseye on the golf course.

Muscle memory is also a key factor when putting. For any player (beginner or professional) to unlock their potential, they must develop the ability to do two things; mentally lock on a target and putt with a stroke that is identical every time.

Building a putting stroke that is accurate and repeatable requires perfect repetitions in practice. When a sequence of movements repeats, muscle memory instills the pattern in parts of the brain known as the dorsolateral premotor cortex and cerebellum.* The cerebellum receives signals from the body's muscles while two key cell groups, called Purkinje cells and climbing fibers, act as filters.

When putting, climbing fibers send signals to Purkinje cells. The brain identifies those signals as "correct" or "incorrect" then stores the information in the subconscious. This process occurs during daily activities involving motor skills, from slicing a carrot to shooting a jumpshot. The brain learns from mistakes, rejecting "incorrect" signals allowing muscle memory to stack more and more memories of "correct" movements and motions.

The NeuraPutt is effective because it encourages the brain to associate "correct" signals with the movements in perfectly stroked putts. As the target window between the bumpers gets progressively smaller, the brain begins to eliminate unacceptable and "incorrect" motions. Regular use of the NeuraPutt helps golfers visualize the target, repeat the perfect stroke, and sink more putts than ever before.